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Outgoing December 4, 2015

Xenoblade Chronicles X is a game that puts a strain. We will spare the usual introduction to shots of historical notes, so if you if you are reading this review – and you’ve read our tried earlier – you probably know that, despite the title is virtually identical, this new production signed Monolith Soft does not connect in any so the previous nor the other “Xeno” out of PlayStation and PlayStation 2 many years ago. What you may not know is that Xenoblade Chronicles X is not a JRPG, so if you thought you tackle it as you are making a huge mistake. It is the spirit with which appeal the wrong GamePad.Xenoblade X Chronicles is, more than anything else, a free roaming in The Witcher 3 style, to name a recent game. In a sense, this was the biggest gamble of Monolith Soft and Nintendo: to offer the most underrated of the last generation a real blockbuster console, a title of an incredible complexity especially designed for a niche of tenacious and enterprising players. In this review we will not explain every mechanical or features of the game: it would be impossible, and there would not be enough space to do so. Instead we will examine the key points, trying to explain what we liked and what we did not like in the more than seventy hours we spent exploring the wonderful world of Mira.

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Xenoblade Chronicles X is many things. It is the game on which to place a few more tip WiiU console at the end of the year and for Christmas, it is a kind of experiment of the Monolith in the field of open world RPG, and is half of the messiah JRPG for Nintendo fans. In particular, the latter must be understood: X is still the result of what Xenoblade who turned the genre inside out, earning a place in the Olympus of the Wii titles and fielding many brilliant ideas, combined with a highly successful background and a thrilling narrative.

I myself had stratospheric expectations for the game. On paper there was little that could go wrong after all, with a base like that of his predecessor to build on. But now I’m here, after dozens of hours of play, with the soul split in two. My critical part and “practical” hates him, while the fan of the genre and lover of pure gameplay can not appreciate it.
It is for you? It will probably be the same thing.

The upcoming sci-fi masterpiece is the role-playing game of Monolith Soft, of Baten Kaitos creators, is Xenoblade Chronicles X exclusive product for Wii U. In Xenoblade Chronicles X, a terrible intergalactic war leaves only a handful of survivors on Earth trying to live in even hostile environment. Players must engage in battles against powerful creatures of all shapes and sizes. Control of a mech as a weapon, players can explore every inch of the vast open world. Beautiful high-definition graphics, populated by strange and fantastic creatures, from small insects to giant beasts. Players can customize everything about the appearance of your character, including gender, shapes, height, skin color, voice and tattoos. Characters can specialize in different classes, learn a new type of combat and defensive skills, or Arts. Players can customize the palette Arts as their characters learn new arts.

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