“Lightning Returns is the final chapter of the saga of Final Fantasy XIII is the last battle of the main character Lightning. The grand finale of the trilogy, set in a new world, offers freedom of customization and battles full of action.

The world is sinking in the sea of ​​chaos. Among thirteen days, everything will be destroyed.
The planet is doomed, but its inhabitants still have a hope.
After hundreds of years, a legendary warrior has awakened from his sleep in the crystal to accomplish a mission desired by God: to save the souls of mankind. His name is Lightning.
With a power and an extraordinary arsenal, it has everything she needs to face the battle. Everything except the weather. And now he faced an impossible choice …

List of downloadable content included in this version of the game:

-Assetto “Formula divine”
-Assetto “Fantasy Moogle”
-Assetto “Salvatrice supreme”
-Assetto “Yuna FFX-2”
-Assetto “Cloud FFVII”
-Assetto “Yuna FFX”
-Assetto “Tomb Raider”
-Assetto “Breastplate of Genji”
-Assetto “Yaksas”
-Assetto “Vajrasttva”
-Assetto “Utsusemi”
-Assetto “Ars Belli”
-Assetto “Anthology”
-Assetto “Shogun”

L’assetto “” Aerith FFVII “” is not included in this package. In addition, it will not be made available in the future.

In this version of the game they have not made changes or additions to the original story by LIGHTNING RETURNS FINAL FANTASY XIII.
This game does not support Dolby Digital audio.
This version of the game includes some additional downloadable content already released in the original version.
The originally released bonus items to anyone who rescues the previous games in the series will be available in this version even without these bailouts.
It does not include features related to Square Enix Members or social networks.
You can not change the names assigned to chocobo, signs or structures on the map. “


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