Comics market of Reggio Emilia

Comics market of Reggio Emilia

The Show of Reggio Emilia Comics market is commonly known as the paradise for those who collect and exchange books, magazines, journals, pamphlets of the past, the so-called “antiquarian comic.” It is for this reason that in Reggio on occasions like this converge collectors from all over Italy, given that it is an extraordinary and – now in our country – only moment of demand and supply of small meeting treasures, precious for each one in a different way , also depending on the meaning and memories, the emotions they arouse in all lovers of this area of ​​what Hugo Pratt called “graphic novels.” In this show one can find comics and nearly impossible to find complete sets elsewhere, thanks to the presence of about 150 between exhibitors and private collectors, with many amateur publishers who print or reprint the adventures of popular heroes of the Ante and post-war period, such as Tex , Zagor, Capitan Miki, Blek, the Little Sheriff, and others, but also of course, the latest paper heroes, as Dylan Dog and Martin Mystère, Orphans or Dragonero, the Diabolik timeless, and then the manga and superheroes , gadgets and thumbnails, albums, stickers and movie posters.

As part of the two days, the great protagonist of the show will be Jordi Bernet, one of the great masters of European and world comics, special guest who returns by popular demand in our city after his first time in December 2014. Born in Barcelona in 1944, son of art, Bernet draws from an early age, honing his style, formed by reading the famous cartoonist who drew on the major American newspapers. His masterpiece, written by Enrique Sanchez Abuli, with which both they rise to international fame, is Torpedo, hired killer of Sicilian origin, which begins drawing from the second episode after the abandonment of the series by Alex Toth; its hilarious comic-erotic boards featuring the hilarious and very human prostitute Chiara night. In 1996 he made with Claudio Nizzi the Texone 10, the Atlanta man. Many were the characters and stories which Bernet was dedicated in his long career, but surely the crime story and westerns are the kinds you like, and in which he excels her radiant in black-and-white. Jordi will be available to fans on Saturday morning and Sunday morning for autographs, dedications and sketches.

Exposure to this year’s theme, with interesting and documented panels, it is Partisans and Comics. Seventy years of resistance in the drawn strips, curated by Pier Luigi Gaspa and promoted by the PNA of Carpi. A Lupo Alberto that Silver has dressed as a partisan in the bike rack the hen Marta relay race: the prologue to this beautiful exhibition that traces a route that from 1944 winds down memory lane to the present day. In this path parade some big names of Italian comic: Paul Campani, Guido Crepax, Hugo Pratt, Sergio Staino, Alfredo Castelli, Mario Uggeri, Mino Milani, Ferdinando Tacconi, Giorgio Trevisan.

In addition to numerous exhibitors private collectors, and specialty stores, including this year’s exhibition it is characterized by an important representation of small but aggressive publishing houses like Renoir and the Ninth Art, 001 and Allagalla, Mencaroni and Fumo di China, Mercury and Grifo, Nicola Pesce Editore and Cosmo, not to mention significant associations such as the historic GAF Florence or Chronicle of Mickey Mouse in Turin. Each of these realities is bringing the show reggiana a rich list of new produced for the occasion: Mencaroni presents the second volume of Imaginary Sexy and The era of Super Heroes Horn; 001 brings the sixth volume of Valerian and Laureline (of Mezieres and Christin), Gotho Namite Alonso Rojas, and Elfquest vol. 1 (of Richard and Wendy Pini); Cosmo will tickle the taste buds of connoisseurs with Flash Gordon: Valkir the queen of storms, the fourth volume of the Sunday pages (Moore and Briggs) and the daily strips Dan Barry, the new episode of Snowpiercer, the integral of the Battle (of Recchioni and Leomacs) and the daily and Sunday Tarzan designed by Russ Manning; Nicholas Fish bakes for the occasion, among other things, The Graveyard Book (Gaiman and Russell), Brian the Brain the integral (M. Angel Martin) and the comic book biography of Bruce Springsteen – Spirit in the Night; still, the Ninth Art delights us with new releases of Franco-Belgian comics with the integrals of Yoko Tsuno, Jehan Pistolet, Buck Danny and Tanguy and Laverdure. Finally, Chronicle of Mickey Mouse presents the new issue of Than Dai and Sexy Tales # 4 (the present Elena Mirulla) author.

Of course the Anafi could not miss the occasion to present the number 96 of his magazine Cartoon, indispensable tool for enthusiasts and collectors who cherish the historical and philological aspects of the clouds, the 4th batch of the new series of Inedistrips Necklace, which proposes a new exit in three books of stories the syndicated strips of American characters, unpublished in Italy, and especially the first volume for members for 2016, “the Trojan heroes”, a novel full story of Martin Mystère, written by Sauro Pennacchioli and designed by Roberto Revello in 1987 and remained in a drawer until now; to sign copies of the book, for Anafi members who renew for the occasion the annual quota for 2016, on Saturday, December 5 there will be Alfredo Castelli in person. But the surprises do not end here, because here’s the hat check a volume of Gallienus Ferri (known to most as the leading designer Zagor) from titoloJim Puma, which contains two unpublished stories of the character drawn to France by Ferri in 1958/1960 ; Jim Puma Eun trapper by the liberal spirit, loyal and protector of the weak moving, hunting and lives in the forest, it is a character who anticipates insommadi characteristics, themes and settings that shortly after will find themselves in the stories of the Spirit with the Hatchet, and then the zagoriani fans will only appreciate.

Appointment then to all collectors and fans of comics at the 55th Exhibition of Comics market of Reggio Emilia, Saturday 5 and Sunday, December 6, 2015, Saturday from 9 to 19th Sunday from 9 am to 13, in Reggio Fairs in via Filangieri 15 as part of Change & Exchanges. Free ticket for Anafi members who show the card at the ticket office in 2015.


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